Sanoian Designs

Immerse your mind in creativity. 

My name is Matt Sanoian, I'm 19 years old and I make dope shit. I am currently a Graphic Design major heading into my sophomore year at The School of Visual Arts. Between high school to college courses and my free time, I have been continuously honing my knowledge of graphic arts and have become extremely adept at many skill sets that a great designer should have. I have been able to cultivate and thrive off of these skills, as I have found myself working with many big name companies and athletes in the sports world. I have most recently completed a summer internship with Bleacher Report and expect to be freelancing with them throughout the school year.

A little bit about my work. When I was young, "Do what you love" is what my parents and teachers told me. So, Sports + Art = What I love.

The work that I do reflects, what I believe is, the importance of a creative mind and an inventive spirit. I continuously experiment with new styles and working methods. When I first started designing, I worked around the idea of conveying a message through the art. That was something that I thought made art interesting and gave it depth and meaning. I wanted people to look at my art and think it looks good, but later on realize something that they didn't pick up on when they first looked at it and say "Oh shit." 

I'll use my early Dikembe Mutombo graphic as an example. At a first glance you see the graphic and say "This looks good. He's on a mountain because he plays on Denver and the mountains, yeah that makes sense." Then at a second glance or even later on if you're thinking about it, you realize "Oh shit, his nickname is Mt. Mutombo, that's why he's on a mountain peak!"